Stiriti offers a diverse range of dosage forms for the dietary and nutraceutical industry. Each product presents highest standard of purity, potency, and quality. Our contract manufacturing services specialize in capsule filing, and powder filling. These services are customized to suit the customer’s needs. However, this does not limit us from offering turn-key solutions based on custom and contract manufacturing and product development.

As a contract manufacturing company, Stiriti produces dietary supplements and nutracuticals. Our services include formulating tablets, and capsules, full-packaging capabilities and fully functioning laboratory. What is unique about Stiriti is that we specialize in


Difficult to formulate and small to medium batch products

Entire product development life-cycle (early stage through launch and ongoing supply)

Wide range of products from tablets and capsules to pellets and powders can beproduced by using the most advanced equipment

Customize product formulations and packaging configurations on small and large volumes

Assurance of on-time delivery, exceptional service and competitive pricing
Weight loss formula

Joint support