The success of a business can be sustained by discovery, development and production of innovative products. This is assured only by continuous research and innovation activities or by partnering with businesses that assist in the development of products that assure quality and results to customers. In this line of strategic partnerships, what really matters is the partnering business’ cost effective sourcing and cost effective manufacturing.

Stiriti Ayur Services Private Limited is a complete contract manufacturing company. We help nutraceutical and food supplement companies of US and Europe by production and supply of capsule and powder dosage forms. We are a 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) that manufactures capsule and powder dosage forms at our manufacturing plant. Our manufacturing process is GMP compliant.

Our focus is on custom manufacturing of multi-ingredient formulas of vitamins, minerals and botanicals in the form of capsules, tablets and powders. With international certifications and state of art quality control lab facilities, we ensure highest quality standards.

Importantly, Stiriti’s achievement is in

Helping companies to accelerate their abilities and enable them to bring world-class products to market

Educating clients, customers and stakeholders about current regulations, finished product testing and raw material options for their formulas

Providing custom solutions for the production of best possible dietary supplement